Regna – Meridian [EP]


Around this time last year, Spanish sextet Regna released their debut EP, Meridian, and since then it seems to have flown under the prog radar – a shame really, as it is enjoyable listen and would certainly delight those who enjoy a blend of traditional prog, which occasionally endorses ‘beefed up’ guitar sections and isn’t afraid to draw, here and there, from the Latin fusion quarter.

The band cite a varied cross section of influences and pointers, which include Beardfish, Bigelf, Camel, Deep Purple, early-Dream Theater, ELP, Genesis, Jethro Tull, Kansas, King Crimson, Magic Pie, PFM, etc… They also view their music in the heavy progressive rock, progressive metal vein. So are these useful guides? Well, with the exception of PFM, I’m not entirely sure they are. Granted there may be elements from the above throughout the EP, but they are scant and in many respects it does the band a disservice, as they do have their own voice. And either I’m drifting more towards the ‘dark side’ or this isn’t as heavy as the band may imply.

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Regna – Meridian [EP]

By Bob Mulvey

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